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Check out some frequently questions about our products, materials and refunds. Do you need more help? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to most countries in the world. If your country is not available at moment, please contact us.

Do you make custom and personalised orders?

Yes, we do! We will be glad to work with you in a special item. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and ideas.

Custom orders are final! We don't accept returns.

Do you have items ready to ship?

Yes, some items are ready to ship and available in the page menu - Ready to Ship

These items are prepared in 3/5 days. As soon as they are shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking number.

What does the “made to order” indication mean on some products?

The "made to order" indication on some products indicates that product is made to order with a specific processing time as it is not in stock and needs to be made according to the color and size requested. The processing time is announced on each product as an estimate of how much time will take to make it. We do our best to be as fast as possible without compromising the quality we demand.

Once the product has been shipped, you will receive a email confirmation with the tracking number.

If you need a product for a specific date or occasion, please contact us before place your order. We will consider whether it is possible to accommodate your request.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, of course. Always let us know that your order is a gift so we can make a beautiful and special package. If you want a special card note please let us know as well. We gladly make a beautiful gift wrapping for your recipients.

Just leave a note at checkout with all instrutions.

How to take care of my items?

We send care instrutions with all our items.

All our products are hand or machine washable at 30 degrees, in delicate spin cycle and laid flat to dry. Recommend putting the piece in a pillowcase or bag when opting for machine wash. 


Floor Cushions, Pouffes and Bean Bags are delicate piece of soft furnishing and requires gentle use. Please be aware that jumping, applying significant pressure, as well as putting sharp objects on the pouffes may cause damage to the interior of the pouffe and result in the beads spilling out. Small children should always be supervised by adults while using the pouffes. Some of our items (for example the hanging baskets and pockets) have loose strings to allow for assembly. Please take extra care when leaving those within the reach of babies and toddlers. If you decide to use them in baby’s room, please ensure that all the knots are securely tied (so that the baby could not undo them) and that no loose ends are left within baby’s reach.

What kind of differences can I expect when I buy a product?

- On handmade items are expected slight differences, they are not mass manufactured but each one is individually created and crafted. We always do our best to match item descriptions: sizing, shape, colors, etc.

- The margin of difference can be +/- 2cm on small items and +/- 5cm on large items.

- We try to show the most realistic colors as possible but due to the device's screen settings and photography daylight, the colors may look a bit different.

What kind of filling to use in floor cushions, pouffes and bean bags?

We usually use recycled polyester beads to fill our pouffes and bean bags.

Our floor cushions and pouffes are filled as fully as possible, so in the beginning they may seem very hard and tight. With time, and depending on the manner of use, the polyester beads will become flatter inside and the whole pouffe will become softer. It’s just the natural process of wear and tear of the filling.

As all our floor cushion, pouffes and bean bags comes with a inner bag with ability to fill/refill, you can refill whenever you feel the need.

All our bean bags are filled with polyester beads to about two-thirds of their capacity to ensure maximum comfort.

How much filler is needed?

The amount of fill (polyester beads) depends how much you want more or less firmness. Usually you will need: 

Floor Cushions:

40 cm diameter (16" D)- 1 cub. ft- 40 Lt

50 cm diameter (20" D)- 1.5 cub. ft- 50 Lt

60 cm diameter (24" D)- 2 cub. ft- 60 Lt

 Ottoman Poufs:

40 cm x 30 cm high (16"D x 12"H)- 2.5 cub. ft- 60 Lt

50 cm x 30 cm high (20"D x 12"H)- 3 cub. ft- 80 Lt

40 cm x 40 cm high (16"D x 16"H)- 3 cub. ft- 80 Lt

50 cm x 40 cm high (20"D x 16"H)- 4 cub. ft- 100 Lt

60 cm x 30 cm high (24"D x 12"H)- 4 cub. ft- 100 Lt

70 cm x 20 cm high (28"D x 8" H)- 4 cub. ft- 100 Lt

70 cm x 40 cm high (28"D x 16" H)- 5 cub. ft- 140 Lt

80 cm x 30 cm high (31.5"D x 12"H)- 6 cub. ft- 160 Lt

90 cm x 40cm high (35,5"D x 16" H)- 7 cub. ft- 200 Lt

Bean Bags:

- Round Version

70 cm x 40 cm high (28"D x 16" H)- 5 cub. ft- 140 Lt

80 cm x 30 cm high (31.5"D x 12"H)- 6 cub. ft- 160 Lt

90 cm x 40cm high (35,5"D x 16" H)- 8 cub. ft- 230 Lt

- Lounge Version

Size S - 4 cub. ft - 120 Lt

Size M - 5 cub. ft - 140 Lt

Size L - 7 cub. ft - 200 Lt

Size XL - 8 cub. ft - 230 Lt

Where to buy filling locally?

We trying to update these useful links that sell filling. You can also find it on local craft shop.

*USA and Canada





Where my order is shipped from and who is the delivery carrier?

- We ship from Portugal using national postal service - Correios de Portugal (CTT) by Express mail or priority mail depending of the weight of the package. All with track and trace.

- The delivery is made by your national postal service.

- Multiple items above 2 kgs could be shipped in several and separate packages.

- You can track your order on our website - here
Or once the package arrives in your country, it can be followed by your national postal service. For example: if you are in the United States, you can track it on the USPS website, entering the tracking number there.

Why your Shipping Address is Important?

We always ship your order to your SHIPPING ADDRESS so please make sure you provide a correct address.

- Its up to the buyer to have a “safe” location for parcels to be sent to. We aren’t responsible for package theft.

- If you detect an error in your address please contact us as soon as possible to rectify before shipment be made to a wrong address.

- We are not responsible for items returned due to incorrect addresses/ refused tax, duties and VAT/ abandoned package on post office.

- It’s your responsibility the payment for the re-shipment of your order.

- We will not refund the shipping cost in case you decide cancel your order.

Can I get a full refund?

Full refunds are possible if you cancel the order within the estimated timeframe, within 2 days of purchase. 

Cancelling orders after 2 days will be charged fees for restocking, materials and days of work, if we have already started your order.

Or if you has received the wrong product or for some mistake made on our part.

You have the right to return your goods for any reason, in that case you are responsible for the return shipping costs and will only be refunded the value of the items if they return in good condition for resale.

Check our return policy for more details.